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What is the better packaging way in Mac

What is the better packaging way in Mac

What will be better way to create a distributable file for Mac OS, DMG or pkg?

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"Disk image if installing is as simple as drag-and-drop, package installer if you need to install supporting files outside of the app bundle.

Also note that with a disk image, it's a good idea to offer to install the app for the user if they run the program from the image. Otherwise some people will never actually install the program and just keep the disk image around forever."
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Outdated, if you ask me.

They've got several problems

Users don't know what to do with them. Even though many developers put a background image there explaining it I don't think users know what to do.
After copying the Application to its folder the .dmg stays in the Downloads folder.
Can be quite complicated to set up properly.
Can take a long time to mount.


Only for applications that need to install part of itself with elevated permissions.

Users associate packages with applications that need special permissions and are therefore less likely to install the app.
It's not obvious to the user how to remove the app.


Gives a nice icon in the Downloads folder.
Drag & drop into the application folder is quite intuitive.
Standard file formats are always nice."
Guest [Entry]

"If you can create drag and drop DMG file then it will be better. Most of software for Mac OS uses distributable DMG. first u have to create application file(.app) then u have to create DMG file using Disk Utility. But I donot know how to create drag and drop DMG.

DMG is better approach for you software than Packaging (.pkg)"