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What package should I use for laptop-mode on Ubuntu?

What package should I use for laptop-mode on Ubuntu?

I've been puzzled, Ubuntu repository has two conflicted packages, laptop-mode-tools and ubuntu-laptop-mode. I can't find any information about differences in those packages, which one is better and even which one is recommended. Which one should I install?

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Guest [Entry]

"Read this clarification from the author of laptop-mode-tools:

What is the relationship between the
Ubuntu package ""laptop-mode"" and the
Debian package ""laptop-mode-tools""?

There is a big thread about this on
Ubuntu used to have a rather outdated
package for controlling laptop mode,
based on the aforementioned kernel
documentation script. Laptop mode
tools basically is a much more recent
version of the same code. Ubuntu has
switched to laptop-mode-tools
somewhere in 2006.

I'm running Ubuntu 9.04, and laptop-mode-tools is installed by default on my system, not ubuntu-laptop-mode."
Guest [Entry]

Laptop-mode-tools. If I remember correctly it has support for APM and hdparm. ubuntu-laptop-mode only has support for hdparm.