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What tool can I use to to rip DVD movies? [closed]

What tool can I use to to rip DVD movies? [closed]

What tool can I use to to rip DVD movies? I have used "Dr. DivX" long back. Is there any better tool to rip DVDs?

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HandBrake is an open-source,
GPL-licensed, multiplatform,
multithreaded video transcoder,
available for MacOS X, Linux and


Any DVD-like source: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD (unencrypted--protection methods including CSS are not supported internally and must be handled externally with third-party software and libraries), and some .VOB and .TS files
Most any multimedia file it can get libavformat to read and libavcodec to decode.


File format: MP4, MKV, --AVI-- or OGM
Video: MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora (1 or 2 passes or constant quantizer/rate encoding)
Audio: AAC, MP3, Vorbis or AC-3 pass-through (supports encoding of several audio tracks)


Here are some good tutorials:

Tutorial on YouTube
Rip DVD's for Your iPod, Apple TV or iPhone
How to Rip DVDs with Handbrake"
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"I use DVDDecrypter to rip, and AutoGK to do the actual encoding. It's a two-step process, but I haven't found a simple encoder that supports removing CSS, so you'll always have to rip encrypted DVD's. AutoGK is a single screen app where you set the source and the output, sound options and optionally subtitle options, then you add the job to a queue. Start the queue and out pops your DivX or XVid AVI file a little bit later.

http://www.videohelp.com/ has a ton of great information regarding computer video and encoding."
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"I use SlySoft CloneDVD Mobile. Commercial, but it works every time, and you don't need to read a tutorial.

This has profiles for almost any device (iPhone, BlackBerry, AppleTV H264, Zune, Nokia, Sony Ericson, PSP, PlayStation), but you can also create standard DivX i the resolution you like.

It sopports 3 passes (takes a long time!). And it is easy to select subtitle, audio. Zoom, Quality/Size etc.

A realy nice product."
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"Decrypting with RipIt4me or DVDFab HD Decrypter (Remove protections that DVD Decrypter doesn't)

And encoding with MeGUI

Not the easiest one but easy enough and powerful."