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Why can't normal users on Windows create symbolic links?

Why can't normal users on Windows create symbolic links?

Beginning with Windows Vista, NTFS gained the ability to represent symbolic links to files (as opposed to directory junctions). Also cmd gained the mklink command.

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"Symlinks are actually less dangerous than hardlinks, true. I don't think the issue here is security, but administrative efficiency. I think Microsoft made the right decision as it will drive system administrators nuts when users start to create symlinks everywhere without knowing what they are doing.

In Mac OS, shortcuts are symlinks. So conceptually it's less confusing, since it's been like that since the beginning. And for Linux fans, you don't need to be told what symlinks are. ;-)

But it's not true for Windows. Imagine explaining to the average user the difference between a good old Windows shortcut, a symlink and directory junction/hardlink, and you'll soon realize that giving such power to the masses will be opening a huge can of wriggly tech support worms."