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Why does some of the songs in my iTunes library stop prematurely and go to the next song?

Why does some of the songs in my iTunes library stop prematurely and go to the next song?

For the couple of weeks a whole bunch of the songs from my iTunes library stop early and skip to the next song (just as if it was at the end of the song). Although the point where it skips varies for each song (for one song it is 2:32, another is 2:46), it will always skip at the same point for each song.

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Guest [Entry]

"Music options in iTunes inlcude a stop time. Ctrl-click->Get Info->Options will show you if these have be changed, perhaps by BPMer.

If that is the case, you can change the stop time in the info box for each song. If you don't mind losing play counts and ratings, you can re-import your music."
Guest [Entry]

"Maybe your files are not corrupted, and is this related to something completely different.

Could check the following:

in iTunes there is an option under preferences (tab 'playback') named 'Crossfade'
See whether it is turned on. If so, turn it of and check again if songs stop early.
I was confronted with this when I downloaded a new version of iTunes, even though the setting was not set before."
Guest [Entry]

They may have gotten corrupted because you played them while they were downloading. Delete them and then re-import them.
Guest [Entry]

"Similar issues here with an iPod 180gb Classic.

I found that the songs that were giving me grief were those that had been converted by myself at some point into AAC format using iTunes.

As I hade plenty of space I reconverted them all back to MP3 format and the issues stopped.

I use MP3 format for all of my music now."
Guest [Entry]

"I recently had this issue after having to recreate my entire library from a backup (a hard drive had failed).

This was on a PC, and the solution I found was to stop itunes, delete the itunes .itl file, restart itunes and let it rebuild the library from the xml file (make sure that the xml file exists and is up to date before doing this).

I did this after checking there was nothing wrong with the files themselves (if I re-added a file, it was fine), and also checking that no 'odd' options had been set on the files (e.g. a particular stop time).

You will lose some file info doing this (last played, album artwork), but the artwork will be rebuilt (generally correctly, although some 'odd' choices can occur)."
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