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Why is my pc's screen black when I turn it on?

Why is my pc's screen black when I turn it on?

So my Hp Touchsmart300 Will not respond to anything I do. Whenever I turn on my computer the screen remains black and the vent fans sound normal when ever I start it but 5 seconds later they start spinning at an unusual speed and make a loud noise. I've tried putting the recovery disk in but nothing happens, the screen remains black and unresponsive. Any ideas with what could possibly be wrong with it?

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"This is due to problem of RAM..

You should check your RAM....

It should be tight fit in Mother board...

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"hi just wanted to help, I have mine since 2011 and still works

just follow the steps;

>Power off and unplug power cord .

>remove all the screws

>Locate the BIOS configuration jumper, its always next to the cmos battery.

>move the jumper from pins 1 & 2 to pins 2 & 3 then plug the the power cord

just keep turning it on and off till the fan runs normal,

if it does, leave it for 10 seconds and turn off the power button. DONT TAKE OUT THE POWER CORD AND DONT PRESS THE POWER BUTTON TWICE OR ELSE YOUR GOIN TO REPEAT AGAIN.

move the jumper back to the original pins 1 & 2 and power it on and the screen will light up in about 5-10 seconds.

hope it'll help you guys!

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The moetherboard may be fried. Thats what the pups at geek squad told me.
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Motherboard. It has overheated. Common issue on these first Gen "all-in-ones". A refurbished board runs $150.00-200.00+ on EBay. Then there is the labor charge. Pull the hard drive out and either get an enclosure for it to act as an external hard drive for another computer or install it in a empty second hard drive bay of your new computer. Transfer the data over to the other hard drive since you don't know how much longer you can trust it. RIP HP Touchsmart.
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wonder if anyone here who's had or seen this issue fixed it by replacing the LCD inverter board?