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Why is the F8 key not working on my laptop?

Why is the F8 key not working on my laptop?

I recently had Vista die on my laptop, so I backed up the hard drive, formatted and installed Windows 7. So far, most things are working really well, with one very significant exception: The F8 signal doesn't seem to register.

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"Try using ActiveHotkeys. This utility will tell you if a hotkey has been assigned, although not what it has been assigned to.

Please note that Windows does not allow for detecting which application has registered a particular shortcut, so that feaure is not included. (If you think you know how to achieve that, using message hooks or what-not, please post here or earn some karma at Stack Overflow.

An answer in the Stack Overflow link leads to Hotkey Commander

Find out what hotkey combination is
registerd by which application.

Disable hotkey actions, return the
keystrokes ""eaten"".

Override the original hotkey with a
different key combination you prefer.

Create hotkey combinations or
sequences in Hotkey Commmander's Innovative Keystroke Style.

Define hotkeys with Left/Right
modifier keys (, ,...)

Automatically control hotkey actions
under certain conditions like ""after
holding down for 3 seconds"", or ""if
some application is running
Guest [Entry]

"Does F8 work outside of Windows? I.E. does it cause you to get your boot selection menu if you tap it during boot?

Does it work in Safe Mode?

How about in another bootable OS (try a Linux LiveCD of some kind)?

If yes to any or all of those it sounds like a piece of software in Windows that's catching the messages from the key and marking them as handled so the message goes no further."
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"Create a program that registers a global hot key (using GlobalAddAtom and RegisterHotKey) to F8. Set that program to launch before anything else on your computer. Then once everything finishes launching release the hot key (using UnRegisterHotKey and GlobalDeleteAtom). Then see if it works.

In my experience the culprit is either:

Video drivers
a chat program
a media player
Vitakey fingerprint scanner software

or something else designed to sit in the background and wait. It is probably in your system try.

End task on each one until it works.

I checked and there are functions to find Atoms, but no way to find out what keys they are tied to (if any)."
Guest [Entry]

"I had this problem with my friends computer. The f8 key worked fine when used with shift or with any other key. He needed it to extend his laptop display to an external monitor.

He is running Windows 7 32-bit on a Dell latitude.

Try going on to the Dell website and clicking on support, then choose either home or work depending on what the use is for, it will then ask for a service tag (found on bottom of your machine) enter it and navigate to drivers and downloads. Make sure to select the option all related drivers for your product and also make sure to choose what operating system you are running. Choose 32 bit if you have RAM which is 4GB or less. If it is more use 64 bit.

To check the RAM click on start and right click on computer, from the menu choose properties and it will show you your RAM.

After choosing your operating system scroll down the list until you get to VIDEO. Click on it and choose the video driver which says Intel 3000. When downloaded follow the installation procedure and restart your machine when prompted to do so."