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Why is the right ear on my beats not playing

Why is the right ear on my beats not playing

The right ear speaker isn’t playing audio anymore... I’ve looked up and tried everything except taking it apart. Whenever I connect the beats to a device the right ear bud makes the power on noise but during Bluetooth or cord connect its silent I have Beats Solo 3


"If you've tried ""everything except taking it apart"", and it still doesn't work, sorry, but you're gonna have to take it apart.

This site doesn't have a guide for that, but you can try looking on other stuff like Instructables or a YouTube.

Here's a good one:


Have you checked the balance settings on your device.

The right side isn’t playing, and the left side is starting to not play sometimes

I did a tiny bit of troubleshooting by verifying that the issue occurs with multiple apps (Safari/Netflix and Music on my MacBook Pro), but only one device.

First of all try it on another device and if that won’t change anything check the settings on the device its paired to. the balance may have shifted to one side. Jeff @ProPlumbers and Pipe fitters. (https://www.checkatrade.com/trades/Propl...)

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