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Why should I use Quicksilver instead of Spotlight?

Why should I use Quicksilver instead of Spotlight?

I recently purchased a Macbook (13") and have been perusing various blogs and zen/hacker sites which provide insight and instructions on becoming a proficient user. I feel relatively comfortable on it, though not quite as comfortable as on my native OS (Linux).

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"Spotlight can luanch apps, just like quicksilver can.

What makes quicksilver is because it is more of a shell. And can be extended.

Because of those two things, it becomes more like an interactive spotlight. It can not only return what you are searching, but can actually perform actions on what you are searching. Either e-mail a file, move or delete it, search the content of a file.

I believe you can even interact with web services.

I would suggest reading more on it, if you can get use it, it can provide a lot of shortcuts and save some time http://qsapp.com/about.php"
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Have a look at This Q&A Thread which lists some of the best features of Quicksilver.