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Why won't my computer read any CDs or DVDs?

Why won't my computer read any CDs or DVDs?

When I insert a CD or DVD into the CD drive, the computer won't read it and doesn't recognize that I've inserted a disk. The computer is working fine other than that.

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"Hi there! We have a few ideas that might help you out. Try following these steps:

First, you have to make sure your computer recognizes your optical drive. Check in your resource manager and see if the optical drive icon appears. If not, restart your computer and look again. If it’s still not there, your problem is with your hardware. You can call Lenovo services or check out our CD drive replacement guide!

Check your computer manual make sure that your model is capable of reading the type of disc you’re asking it to. Then check if you’ve inserted the disc correctly and that it has no defects (scratches, dirt, warped.)

Your drive might just be dirty! Grab a can of computer duster and get into all the cracks and crevices of that thing. Can’t hurt.

If it still doesn’t work, you probably have a hardware issue. You may need to repair a part of the drive or replace it all together. They get worn out over time. Take a look at our replacement guide on how to do it yourself."
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you need to clean your dvd or cd drive and check all connections are ok. if it is still not working then you need to replace your dvd drive and check. is it working now or not ?
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"First step

you need to check a cable connections always compatible to your dvd/cd rom.

Then go to the bios setting and find the deafault setting and save.

then try to boot."
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how do I change bios setting?...why don't makers do this before selling?
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New of the box. I tried several new disks. /Nothing happens. The drive spins and stops. no disk icon.
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"The previous comments are from idiots’ or scammers , just look for the cd/dvd software from your pc manufacturer . Thats it . Oh yeh it’s free!

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