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Why won't my Washing Machine pump but not spin during spin cycle?

Why won't my Washing Machine pump but not spin during spin cycle?

What would cause my Kenmore 70 Series washer to make a chattering noise and not spin?

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"If your washer pumps out the water but doesn't spin, check these:

The lid switch may be defective. If it is, the washing machine doesn't spin. The switch is inside the washing machine main housing near the door frame. Often you have to raise or open the top or front of the washing machine to get to the switch. If it's defective, you need to replace it.

The motor coupler may be broken. Many Whirlpool®-manufactured washers use a small, relatively inexpensive motor coupling. It's plastic and rubber and is mounted to the shaft of the motor on one side, and to the transmission on the other. Over time, the coupler wears out and fails. You may need to replace it.

A belt may be broken. Many washing machines have one or two belts. If a belt is broken or badly worn, you need to replace it with a genuine belt from the manufacturer. (Some washing machine belts are designed with special characteristics not found in automotive belts.)

The clutch may be worn. If your washer is a GE, it may use a clutch to come up to the proper spin speed. As the clutch wears out, it may prevent the unit from spinning well or at all. If the clutch is worn, you need to replace it. For this job, you probably want to hire a qualified appliance repair technician.

The drive motor may be defective. Many washer brands use a reversing motor. For agitation the motor runs in one direction, for spinning and draining, the other. It's possible for a motor to burn out in one direction and continue to operate in the other. If this happens, you need to replace the entire motor.

The transmission may not be shifting properly. Older washers produced by Whirlpool® have a transmission with an electro-mechanical shifter. If the shifter becomes even partially defective, the unit may drain the water but not spin. This is a complex system, if your washer has a shifter problem, you may want to hire a qualified appliance repair technician to repair it.

The spin bearing or basket drive may be worn or seized. These components allow the inner tub to spin freely inside the outer tub. When this is the problem, you usually hear a loud sound during the spin cycle. Call a qualified appliance repair technician."
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"When a washer makes a buzzing sound, the most common fault is that there is something stuck in the pump and blocking it. The buzzing sound occurs as the drain pump tries to run but something is blocking it and the “buzzing” noise occurs. As a blocked pump is the most probable cause for a buzzing washer, there can also be a other problems that can cause this noise. If your washing machine is NOT buzzing but instead your washer is not spinning or draining during the cycle, then a different troubleshooting method is needed.

Most Probable reasons for a buzzing sound in washing machine:

1. Blocked Drain Pump

2. Motor Coupling Broken

3. Washer Drive Block Loose or Worn

4. Worn Agitator Dogs

5. Washer Motor Burned Out

If you want it done right, then Fix It Right Appliance Repair is the answer. Thank You"
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If your washer does not spin you should inspect the drive belt for signs of overheating or excessive wear. Before replacing a damaged belt, you should verify that any belt tensioning device such as an idler pulley or motor glide is operating properly and moves freely. On top load washers, you should also verify that the transmission pulley turns freely in both the spin and agitate directions and that there is nothing impeding the movement of the agitator or the wash basket that may cause the belt to slip on the pulleys. Also check for signs of oil or water leakage onto the belt or pulley area. On front load washers, make sure that the tub will turn easily by hand. Always use the correct replacement belt as the size and coverings are critical to proper performance. Disconnect power from the appliance before attempting any repairs.
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Our washing machine agitates well, but when it starts to drain a loud continuous clunking sound starts and the tub does not rotate, but the water does drain out. It's a 15 year old Kenmore series 80. Any idea?? Thanks so much!"
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Hi, our maytag front load sometimes doesn’t spin other times it does, it stops spinning on the 1st load, 2nd or on the 3rd, it can be at min 5, 8, 7 not always is the same, and then turn off or display “End”. When it won’t spin it doesn’t spin at all in that cycle, but when it will spin it goes fine and spin until the end of the cycle. We checked the belt, the door switch, connected directly without the extension cord, and it’s still the same. Can be possible that the water pump is damaged?
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I am trouble with my Samsung front loader machine. When I start washing the tub rotate in one direction with no problem but when it rotate anticlockwise it make sticking nice and stop rotating and machine does work. Plz advice appreciate ur advice.

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