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Windows 10 says password is incorrect when it wakes up from Sleep

Windows 10 says password is incorrect when it wakes up from Sleep

This morning, I turned on my laptop and entered my password to sign in to Windows 10. Everything was normal as usual. In the noon, I put the laptop to sleep and then I left. After an hour, I resumed it, but Windows 10 said my password is incorrect. I checked my password several times and I’m quite certain it is correct, but the Windows 10 keeps saying the password is incorrect. I tried to restart Windows 10, but it still did not work. Why is this? How can I sign back to my Windows 10 now?

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"It's possible that you've enabled NumLock or your keyboard input layout was changed. Try to type your password using the on-screen keyboard.


If you use a Microsoft account, make sure the your PC is connected to the Internet while logging in."
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"I suffer this problem occasionally and could not work out why. I have started to track this down recently to when Windows 10 or Microsoft is doing a silent install (which it does too frequently when not active).

When the computer wakes up from power save it wants a Password or PIN but the correct one is not accepted. If you use START:POWER you see that the computer asks for ""update and shutdown"" or ""update and restart"". I pick ""update and shutdown"" and then boot the computer; it now accepts the normal password or PIN to logon as usual.

There is something strange when these silent installs happen in Windows 10 and the computer needs restarting because nothing tells you this after waking up from power save and your computer Password or PIN will not be accepted. This is a really annoying feature in Windows 10"
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"I got new solution.it must works for everyone.

1.hold shift and click on restart.it will pop up a green screen with 4 option.

2.click troubleshoot.

3.click advanced options

4.click startup repair.

5.it will want to you to type your password(type the password which one was working before)

6.then complete next tasks and you're back to previous."
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"This can be because of a keyboard error. Use the onscreen keyboard which can be activated from the ease of access icon on the login screen. Click on Ease of Access > On Screen Keyboard and enter the correct password using the onscreen keyboard

I you are using a USB keyboard, just disconnect it clean the contact area with tissue paper and reconnect the USB cable. Also do not push the USB end completely into the slot. USB connectors work the best when they just about fully inserted."
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"I had the same problem this morning, couldn't get past the request for password even though my computer is set for no password required and the p/w I did put in I know is the correct one.

My answer in desperation was to do a long push on the power button on my computer and shut it down, wait a minute then a short push on the computer power button to clean start it. Everything came up as normal. In that case, problem solved."
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"Try your Microsoft account pass!

In my case the system was asking for a password after i set to safeboot mode in cmd and i was trying login with my PIN as usually."