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Windows 7 drivers for Lenovo Thinkpad T400

Windows 7 drivers for Lenovo Thinkpad T400

"I've been playing with versions of Windows 7 since PDC last year and finally installed the RTM version 2 weeks ago. However, even given a year head-notice, it seems like Lenovo has not updated all their drivers to fit the new OS. The one I (and many others) am missing the most is support for switchable graphics.
The only resource I could find on my own was this Windows 7 Driver beta page - and a lot of questions on a lot of forums."

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I asked the same question on the official Lenovo forums and there was no answer regarding date or confirmation of availability. Someone said it should be around the Windows 7 release date. I presume they are working on it.
Guest [Entry]

"From an employee in the Windows 7 section of the Lenovo forums:

Ok, This is pretty much as ""official""
as it's gonna get. Lenovo will post
final Win 7 WHQL certified drivers on
or about October 22 to coincide with
the official Microsoft release date of
Windows 7."