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Windows 7 Repeating Logon/Logoff Process Sounds

Windows 7 Repeating Logon/Logoff Process Sounds

When I log off, log on, restart, shutdown, or power on, my Windows flashes the log off, log on, shutdown, or power on windows 7 screen and noises twice. So I hear two logon sounds, two logoff sounds, it looks like explorer is started twice (or restarted) as the taskbar flashes...

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Guest [Entry]

"Hmmm. First, have a look through all the enabled system sounds to see if any other event is playing the log on/whatever sounds. Painstaking process I know...

Next idea- disable the log on/whatever sounds from playing (change to ""No sound"") and see what effect that has. Does the sound still play once? Not at all? Let us know..."