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Windows 7 Screensaver not always turning on

Windows 7 Screensaver not always turning on

After 15 minutes, my display correctly goes to screensaver mode (Photos, Wait: 15min, "On resume, display logon screen"). If I press a key or move the mouse, the screensaver correctly halts and I get the login screen to enter my password.

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Guest [Entry]

"Side topic:
I had a similar issue arise when I used the beta build 7k, but didn't involve turning off the monitor.

I think my steps were let it go to screen saver screen lock. Then prompt to change user, then cancel and then the screen saver screen lock went away. The only way to then lock the machine with that user is to restart. Even logging out and locking didn't fix it.

Being diligent, I wrote up a nice little message to the Softies for them to fix it.

My answer:

Based on an XP system, you should be getting the login screen in both cases. But being Win 7,
if I remember correctly (as I'm not currently running it) there's a setting that states something to the effect of ""lock screen on awake"" in the power settings. Perhaps your screen saver is set to lock and this other setting is not."