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Windows 7 - Setting up the default taskbar items

Windows 7 - Setting up the default taskbar items

I've been working on building windows 7 deployments and I've run into an interesting issue. I want to customize the pinned taskbar items after I finish the deployment. We have a number of different teams that use different programs. The "one size fits all" method of copying a user profile specified by Microsoft does not fit our needs.

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"This is the only solution I ever found, and it requires a
a program to be run on the first user logon, which will do the taskbar changes that you want. So programming is required.

For a .Net solution, see the article
Pin and Un-pin items to/from the Windows 7 taskbar
where a .cs file is attached that contains a class that can:

Figure out if a given executable is pinned to the taskbar
Un-pin it from the taskbar
Pin it back to the taskbar

The above article is based on another :
Pin Items to the Start Menu or Windows 7 Taskbar via Script
where a similar approach is described using vbs scripts."