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Windows 7 upgrade from Vista, do I lose vista then?

Windows 7 upgrade from Vista, do I lose vista then?

I've recently put together a new PC, and at the time decided it would be a good idea to buy Vista64 home premium as it came with a "free win7 upgrade"

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"It doesn't invalidate the serial for Vista, it just upgrades the OS. You can reinstall Vista later if you'd like.

Note that the upgrade product key for Win 7 will only work as an upgrade though. You can't do a fresh install with an upgrade disc without having the physical media for a qualifying version of Windows. If you have one of those large recovery sets like Sony is notorious for making, or if you have a built in hard drive recovery like Dell has and didn't spring for the actual media you can't do a clean install.

With Vista (and I assume this still applies to 7 as well) you could install Vista without putting in a product key, allowing for a fresh install. Then do an in-place upgrade from fresh Vista to fresh Vista. This will give you a clean install of Vista without having previous media available."