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Windows 7 x64 RTM USB Port Has Power But Won't Recognize Mouse/Keyboard/Anything

Windows 7 x64 RTM USB Port Has Power But Won't Recognize Mouse/Keyboard/Anything

I have an odd error that doesn't seem to fit in with any of the other odd Windows 7 x64 USB errors that have been kicked up on Google. Here we go:

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Guest [Entry]

"Before you dismiss this as a motherboard problem you may want to try another operating system on the target computer. Two days ago my video card seems to have died (artifacts and blue screens constantly on any pc it is placed in) and on its way out or by the same act of god/code my windows 7 64x professional has stop recognizing any USB device unless it is plugged into one, and only one usb port. If two devices are in at the same time, or one device is plugged into any other port it will send power but ignore the device.

Upon booting into my old vista partition everything is working correctly in place. There are no problems, yet a simple boot back into the windows 7 o.s. reveals once again all but one usb port is dead.

This may be unrelated to your problem but in my google searches your situation most closely resembles mine. I am hoping for a fix and will post back if I find one as I do not want to have to buy a new motherboard AND video card.

Best Luck"
Guest [Entry]

"Here's the pro and easy fix for future people with the same problem:

Disconnect your computer from any and all power sources (so for towers, turn off and unplug your power source, for laptops, turn off, unplug, and take out your battery for a good 30 seconds)

Your USB port devices should be working properly now. Flipping usb microprocessors right?"