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Windows create a directory alias?

Windows create a directory alias?

How can I create an alias in Windows for a directory name so that I can type something like "MyDir" in the run box, and it go open that directory in explorer.

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Guest [Entry]

"Browse to the folder you want to create the shortcut to
Right-click and select Sent to -> Desktop (create shortcut)
On your desktop rename the shortcut to whatever you want the alias to be
Move that shortcut to C:\Windows

Any file, folder, or shortcut you place in C:\Windows will be accessible from Start -> Run or any explorer window."
Guest [Entry]

"slightly OT:

have a look at Bayden System's SlickRun (a free floating command line utility for Windows.), use ""MyDir"" as a MagicWord to open the folder in question."
Guest [Entry]

"Let's say you want the G: drive to be mapped to your Google Drive. Here's how you'd do it:

open up command prompt
subst G: ""C:\Users\\*insert your userid here*\Google Drive""

Then load up Task Scheduler and create a new task for it to run each time the computer starts up.

That's how I did it and it is working well so far, as I've only been using this substitute command today.

Anyone else, feel free to comment if you've had more extensive experience setting up a substitute drive to a cloud service and its results."