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Windows Vista X64 boot freeze on loading splash

Windows Vista X64 boot freeze on loading splash

I got a weird situation with my Windows Vista X64 that doesn't always happen.

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Guest [Entry]

"If you don't want to pay for spinrite you could try using chkdsk. Open a command window and at the prompt type:
and press enter. It will probably ask to schedule a check at the next boot, (because the drive is in use), so press Y to agree.

If Windows will not load you will have to get a command prompt by booting from a regular Vista or Windows 7 Install disk

After chkdsk is done and it will still not load Windows, run a System File checker offline

There could also be an infection in Windows causing this, scan for infections using an AV boot CD or usb key."
Guest [Entry]

"Finaly vista just died by itself, I've just reinstall it and all is good up to now.

I flushed my raid array to be able to test individuals disk with WD tools and all is good, nothing wrong. So I rebuild the array and reinstall windows."