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Windows Visual C++ in OSX?

Windows Visual C++ in OSX?

I'm trying to use Windows Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 in OSX with Wine, but X11 tells me that it was unable to find a volume for extraction and to verify my permissions, which are read and write. Terminal gives back

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"According to the Wine Application Database Visual Studio Express 2008 doesn't work (rating of ""Garbage""), however Visual Studio Express 2005 has a rating of ""Bronze"". You could try and find a copy of 2005 and give that a try.

As another alternative, you don't necessarily need the IDE to compile code. You could very easily write valid C++ code in the editor of your choice and then use the command line compiler (cl.exe) and linker (link.exe) included with VC++ Express to compile and link the executable. Your more likely to have success running just the compiler and linker on Wine than the entire IDE.

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