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error message in contacts, you have disabled a required permission

error message in contacts, you have disabled a required permission

When u click on a contact is says you have disabled a required permission

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bert [Entry]

"Most operating systems always want your apps to have permission to access any data on your phone.

In my specific phone and operating system (LG Stylo 3), to access the permission I just locate the apps list in settings, click on the menu button, select configure apps, and the first available setting is app permissions.

There you can turn on any permissions that your contacts app may need to run properly.

To avoid these problems in the future, it is wise to Allow services that apps request access to. As long as you trust the application at least."
bert [Entry]

"Click home button at bottom so you are at the home screen.

Press the middle circle button with six dots in it. Just above the home button.

Press settings

Press apps

Drag your finger from middle to the top until you see contacts

Press contacts

Press permissions

Look at the upper right of the screen, you will see a set of 3 dots in a line.

Press the 3 dot icon

Press all permissions

Press home and try to open contacts again it should work"
bert [Entry]

Yes I want to be able to add contacts
bert [Entry]

Yes says disabled required permissions
bert [Entry]

How can I add people if they say that
bert [Entry]

Yes I disabled mm you contacts as Nd now I can't use my phone book