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How can I tell if my iMac logic board is dead

How can I tell if my iMac logic board is dead

my iMac will not boot. I have seen the symptoms of impending logic board failure bit I want to be sure

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bert [Entry]

"Some symtoms of a dead logic board are as follows:

No chime

Fan activity

Drives spinning up

nothing displayed on the screen

no power throught USB (or the otherway around)

No Power Through firewire (or the otherway around)

abnormal noises

fans running at max speed

computer heating up abnormally

display image distortion (prior to fail)"
bert [Entry]

Simple: Remove the Memory modules and if the unit does not give error beeps or flashing LED light, and the LED light remains stagnent you have a Logic Board Issue
bert [Entry]

Most likely with these macs its bad capacitors. When you remove the back you will see a lot of swollen caps. they sell the repair kit on ebay if you dont mind changing each and every bad cap.
bert [Entry]

"So if my MBP isn't showing any response when I hit the power button... no light, no fan, no optical drive activity, no HDD activity, no screen activity, no chime...

What might this be? Doesn't matter what the power source is, same response with battery and AC. I thought it was a bad logic board, but this makes me hope otherwise."
bert [Entry]

"I have the same problem .

I was listening music and my Imac should down.

I try to turn it on but the computer should down after the apple symbol. After that no more turn on.

I opened and I notice the fans don't work, no video , no sound.

it have 4 led to indicate if everything is ok. all this led are good. Also I can hear the cd player working when I put some cd inside it.

What should I do?"
bert [Entry]

"I was listening to music on my MacBook Pro A1502,I went to the bathroom to have my bath came out from the bathroom and saw my MacBook off by itself…I tried the power button severally & it refuses to come on.

what could be the problem?"