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How do I get this terrible smell out of dishwasher?

How do I get this terrible smell out of dishwasher?

My Husband and I just recently moved into an apartment, all of our dishes were brand new in boxes so before I put them in the cabinet I washed them in the dishwasher. Well the stupid thing would not drain so I called the handy man that works for our building, well he said it was because of the drain filter so he cleaned it (it was already clean, because when we moved in they put in all new appliances) so that fixed the draining issues, but now every time I run the dishwasher it smells absolutely terrible its to the point that I don't even use it and the apartment guy said it because of the garbage disposal not being ran enough.. does anyone know what could cause this? or how to get the stench out? its so bad you cant even open the dishwasher without wanting to gag.

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bert [Entry]

Be sure the dishwasher drain hose has a loop at the disposal. The hose should not come out of disposal and slope down. This will cause whatever is put in the sink to go down the hose causing a nasty smelling dishwasher. The hose need to come out of the disposal and go up a few inches. Secure the hose with a zip tie to a pipe, faucet etc. water will not travel up stream. This will keep food and smells out of the drain hose and dishwasher.
bert [Entry]

"Found this on the Net 4 you =D. Good Luck.


- Scrub brush or dish wand

- Dish soap

- Ice

- Kosher salt

- Lemon peels


Start by dabbing about a tablespoon of dish soap onto your choice of either a scrub brush or dish wand. Scrub the visible portion of the garbage disposal, paying special attention to the seam where the disposal flange meets the sink basin. Small particles have the tendency to linger there, and even mold can sometimes grow.


When you run the kitchen faucet while operating the garbage disposal, its housing never completely fills with water. That’s normal. But if your garbage disposal has begun to smell, it can be a huge help to give the guts of the appliance a good soak. Here’s how to do it: Plug the drain in your sink, fill the basin about halfway with water, and then add a bit of dish soap (or vinegar, a natural cleaner). Next, unplug the drain and activate the garbage disposal. Doing so propels the soapy water through the housing, rinsing off its hidden nooks and crannies.


Even after the bath you gave the garbage disposal in Step 2, there may still be slimy residue left inside the appliance. To dislodge it, you need to go only as far as the spice rack: As it happens, kosher salt can be an effective abrasive cleaner. Pour a large cup of ice cubes into the garbage disposal, switch on the appliance, then add one-half cup of the salt. Together, the ice and salt should combine to grind away what remains of the odor-causing residue.

By now, the garbage disposal smell that had been bothering you should be gone. If you’ve got an extra lemon lying around, why not imbue the kitchen with a fresh citrus scent by simply grinding a few peels through the appliance?

Preventing Bad Smells

Although it’s easy enough to eliminate a garbage disposal smell, prevention is perhaps the best cure. Bear in mind these simple guidelines, and you’ll cut down on the accumulated food residue in the disposal that causes the foul odors in the first place. First, remember to use the disposal only for the organic materials it was designed to handle. Also, try to keep fibrous vegetables—for example, celery—and starchy foods like potatoes out of there. Meanwhile, don’t be hesitant to put eggshells and small fruit pits through the machine, as they actually go a long way toward cleaning its blades. Finally, dispel persistent particles from within the housing by always running the machine for five seconds longer than you think is strictly necessary.

With regular care and a bit of extra attention on occasion, your garbage disposal can be a boon to your everyday life without becoming a stinky inconvenience."
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