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MacBook Pro battery not charging after spilling liquid on it?

MacBook Pro battery not charging after spilling liquid on it?

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bert [Entry]

"Hi, I happened to read your issue today. It's pretty disappointing to see your beloved Mac under such an undesirable mishaps. But, of course there's a way.

First of all, you need to be very careful here. (What the heck since the liquid spill has already taken over your DC-in board). Still we have some amazing chances left since I've come across such fate and have corrected (fortunately) and hope that fate is positive in this case as well.

What are you doing now? Okay, since the board has a strong power lines, and the liquid spill is over it, I can imagine the polarity tension of circuit current flow within. Besides, you are not going to fry it with STATIC OVERFLOW. Hence I assume that you have discharged all your STATIC from your body if you are not equipped with STATIC REQUIREMENTS.

Long story short, touch a metal object with both of your hands and feet to discharge the STATIC if any with you from head to toe.

Now, get a little pure alcohol dipped over microfiber and rub the entire DC-IN board gently and wiping the spill and its effect (disgusting color and odor) completely away. Just be worry that you are not nocking off any tiny transistors. And for sure you are not using any metal while cleaning. Use finger (using finger in this case is very positive). Clean it well both over to the surface and to the reverse side as well. Clean very well.

Don't use hairdryer. The alcohol gives off itself in few minutes.

Now clean the same way over the house where the board houses. I can imagine how nicely you have already cleaned the ports.

Now, another sensitive part. Clean the cable slots fairly well leaving no tress of spill and make it as shiny as it can be.

If any spill leftover is noticed around, also give a close look or even use the magnifying glass to wipe that out for good.

Now your job is done. I believe that you are also one of the luckiest people I met who fortunately didn't fry the entire board but just impaired it partially. Not a big deal, you can always replace it. But for now, I hope, this must have helped if you have not done it yourself by this moment I’m writing.

bert [Entry]

"Sorry I never made it to respond earlier. It's been a while.

After taking my MBP to another service they promised to test it with a working battery. They never did (couldn't find a proper replacement). Since I had to be doing my engineering work to get paid I decided to sell MBP later as is in case I never have time to order a replacement battery. Poor service in my city would be waste of time (and they could damage logic board while replacing ISL6258A). Obviously I continued working with MBP hooked to power source 24/7 for next 6 months. I ended up selling it for $1000 as is and buying top configuration MBP with Retina display in August, 2012.

Summarizing this thread if you happen to liquid-damage your MBP and have same symptoms afterwards (after cleaning MBP interior with spirit, praying, etc.) your best bet is replace battery. In case this won't help try replacing ISL6258A (requires soldering equipment and skills). Your last chance before replacing logic board will likely be replacing DC-in. Good luck!"
bert [Entry]

"Did you try to do a battery calibration?

1) Fully charge battery as long as it will go, until green light in magsafe comes on.

2) Run computer until the battery is draind and the computer shuts off.

3) Unplug and allow to sit >5hrs to fully discharge the battery (VIP).

4) Plug into the mag safe but do not boot the computer. Magsafe lights should turn orange. Wait until the green light comes on again, to indicate that the battery is fuly charged. This should take >4hrs."
bert [Entry]

I replaced the MBP logic board (tested 100% working), 2 batteries (new), and DC jack (new) reset NVRAM and SMC still nothing. States No Battery Available original battery states needs to be replaced and doesn't charge.
bert [Entry]

i have a similar problem, i spilt a glass of water on my macbook air about 2 weeks ago and the computer shut off immediately, i didn't know what to do so i dried it off as much as i could. i was pretty stupid for doing this but i turned it on to test if it would work, it booted up and it worked! but it was slow and laggy. i shut it down, a few hours later i tried to turn it on again and it came up with a flashing question mark. The next day i booted it up again and it worked but was still laggy. it kept on going on and off like that for a while. Then one day when i tried to turn it on it wouldn't turn on and i panicked. but then the next day i plugged in the charger and it turned on. this time it wasn't laggy and good as new. when i was on it for about an hour i realized that the battery said 0% even though the charger was plugged in the whole time . i unplugged the charger and it immediately turned off. I realized now that i could only use the laptop when the charger is plugged in which was VERY inconvenient. i took it to the apple shop to repair it and they said that if there was water inside then they can't do anything to fix it, if it is dry they can fix it for $400, i am still waiting for the results. i dont know why its not charging and can somebody please help me! ( btw when i hover over the battery sign it says not charging but i can still use it at 0%)