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MacBook Pro 13 early 2015 not charging even after replacing battery

MacBook Pro 13 early 2015 not charging even after replacing battery

My Macbook Pro stopped charging and I could only turn it on while plugged in, so I opened it and discovered the battery had swollen. But even after replacing it it's still not charging, and even though the battery indicator now says it's at 56%, as soon as I unplug it the laptop dies. The MagSafe light is Amber color so I guess it is receiving power but the laptop won't charge. I also tried SMC and PRAM resets several times to no avail.

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bert [Entry]

"With mine, I installed the battery and charged to 100%, I thought. I only used the MagSafe light turning from amber to green to indicate that it was at 100%. This only took a couple of hours. I allowed it to stay on the charger for two more hours. Then, I booted it up and started using it. It took about 4 hours to fully discharge. I let it sit overnight before reconnecting the MagSafe. I thought it was charging but apparently not. It says it has 0 cycles, 0 mA*hrs and no information on the battery.

I thought I had my battery status in the menu bar, but when I check that box, it immediately unchecks itself."
bert [Entry]

"Did you or anyone ever get an issue like this sorted out?

I have a seemingly good battery (according to coconutBattery) of the same Simplo brand that won’t charge.

What I find so odd is that changing back to the swollen original Apple battery the machine will charge and run just fine of the battery, only problem is that it’s so big and swollen now that it’s nearly twice it’s intended thickness.

This makes me suspect a faulty battery even if coconutBattery indicates it being good, perhaps an issue with the battery brand???"