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New battery replacement not charging, even after smc reset.

New battery replacement not charging, even after smc reset.

The battery status just shows 1% and a message saying, “battery is not charging”. Coconut battery shows 0% charge and recognizes the battery and capacity along with the manufacture date of the new battery.

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bert [Entry]

"It sounds like either the replacement battery is no good (which sometimes happens) or there was some damage to the battery or main logic board during installation.

If you still have the original battery you were replacing, and it’s in decent enough shape after the removal, and it was able to take some charge before it was removed, you can try reinstalling the original battery to see if the charging issue is isolated to the replacement battery. This is a pain, though, because it involves removing the battery you just installed (you may need safe double-sided tape to reinstall later). If the issue persists with a separate battery installed, you can feel confident the cause is not the battery, in which case the issue is deeper, possibly on the main logic board level. Otherwise, you are probably liable for some sort of return and would need to order another replacement battery.

Hope this helps!"
bert [Entry]

"I’ve requested a replacement battery from ifixit. This battery is over a year old according to CocunutBattery monitor with 2.2v on it. I’m suspicious that it just won’t take a charge as my mb pro says it’s trying to charge it but doesn’t make any progress.

I opened the laptop up and checked all connections and cleaned the main pancake connector and reassembled it. No change at all. I see on Amazon that there are the same A1870 batteries for about 50% off the ifixit price. Two of the Amazon listings actually have a few feedbacks that they worked. There’s many people on ifixit with replacement problems for this battery so I’m suspect on the part which is made by Simplo."
bert [Entry]

"Hello. I’ve had the same problem. My original battery failed and two replacements have also failed. The cell voltage seems fine but the “pack” voltage where the BMS board connects to the rest is 2.2 V.

It might read 2.2 V because the BMS FET has turned off. When trying to charge the pack voltage fluctuates between 10~11 V.

One replacement failed because the bus wire that connects the cells rubbed against the sharp aluminum edge of the case and shorted.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) A1708 model"