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Please help my tv won't turn on

Please help my tv won't turn on

My TV does not turn on ,red light comes on but when I press remote it will not turn to green that's when TV would click on usual please can any one help x

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @daisyface ,

Try a power reset and see if this resolves the problem.

Turn off the TV

Turn off the TV wall power outlet and remove the TV power cord

Press and hold the TV's Power ON button for 30 seconds and then release the button.

Plug in the TV power cord back into the wall outlet and turn on the outlet.

Switch on the TV and see if it now works OK.

What is the model number of the TV?

Were there any storms or blackouts just before the problem occurred with your TV?"
bert [Entry]

"Hi folks - yes I have a Panasonic Viera which for 2 years behaved perfectly then started to ‘not respond’ when reconnected to power. My thinking was that I needed to power down on occasions to prolong the life of TV but that seems like a bad idea with these TVs because you cant get them to go again! - no lights, nothing - googled it of course and tried all the fixes which did work - my point is that the first occasions I booted again by disconnecting from power for 30 + secs reconnecting then pushing power button — later for longer periods and then adding a program or volume button. The last time I waited 3 days and periodically tried the combination of fixes - this time I waited 5 days plus 90 secs disconnected from power.

So be patient and don’t buy a new TV yet - that is if you can be without it for lengthening periods - I just wont risk powering down from now on - I’ll let you know if this all means slow death TV and no more Panasonics for me. Share if you agree."
bert [Entry]

"Hi @Nathan Jump,

Is the TV’s power LED on or blinking at all, you didn’t say?

If it is blinking here’s a link to the Power LED Blinking timing chart, taken from the TV service manual

If it is blinking continuously without a pattern this is the most difficult problem of all to find. You would need to start with the power supply and work you’re way through the TV as to what the problem may be.

If there is a pattern to the blinks it is easier as the blinking timing chart tells you where to check first.

If there is no power LED then here’s the link to the No Power troubleshooting flowchart that may help.

The manual shows how to remove the boards from the TV and also has full schematics which is a great help."
bert [Entry]

"Try this. Seems to work for me, all the time when my plasma malfunctions. This resets the unit to factory settings.


Switch on the unit.

While pressing [VOLUME ( - )] button on the main unit, press [MENU] button on the remote control for more than 3 seconds.

 ''A screen with will pop up, displaying all tested parameters and any malfunctioning parts. Exit from that screen.


Disconnect the AC cord from wall outlet or switch off the power with [POWER] button on the main unit.

Let me know if this helps…"
bert [Entry]

"Hi @George Arian,

Here’s the service manual for the TV. Be patient as it takes a little while to go from processing to download, after you have passed the security test and clicked on Go to Download, below the document preview box.

Go to Sect.7.3 on p.20 to view the No Power trouble shooting flowchart. This may be the best place to start to find out what is wrong with the TV."
bert [Entry]

"Hi @Betty Garcia

Are you sure that the red light blinks 4 times?

Looking at the blink error codes from the service manual for your model, that code is not there.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Maybe you should still check the A board for any obvious component damage."