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Stop working after being plugged to 220V instead of 110V

Stop working after being plugged to 220V instead of 110V

Our Kitchenaid have been plugged to 220V instead of 110V by mistake. After a big sound, the power transformer and the Kitchenaid stop working. I tested kitchenaid on an other power transformer but it does not turn on at all. I opened it but there is no burn smell or melted cable. Do you have any idea of what I can do to try to fix it?

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bert [Entry]


The resistor R15 has a burnt out lead and has been burnt out and it will need to be replaced. (shown in red circle)

I think that the colour bands on the resistor are Yellow - Purple - Orange - Gold.

If this is correct the resistor value is 47K Ohms and it has a tolerance value of 5%. It is a bit hard to tell from the image but it is either a 0.5W power rated or a 1W power rated resistor.

Replace it with a 1W rated just to be safe.

The MOV (shown as MOV2 on the board - and in green box) next to the resistor may also be damaged or it may be OK and has just caught the “blast” from the resistor burning out.

There should be some markings on the MOV which can be deciphered to indicate its’ value etc.

Be sure not to touch the marking with your fingers as sometimes they rub straight off.

It should also be replaced just to be sure.

The two cable (black wire and white wire) connectors (blue arrows) will have to be disconnected from the board and inspected in case they have been damaged as well

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

There may be other less obvious problems that may have to be found by testing with an Ohmmeter and then on a live circuit with a Voltmeter.

If you don’t know how to use a DMM and since lethal voltages are involved when testing for voltages, contact an electronics repair service and ask for a quote."
bert [Entry]


It will be very difficult as you have to redesign the power board to work at 220V instead of 120V.

This would require more than 1 part to be changed.

As there is no service manual with a schematic available (at least I couldn't find any) it would be necessary to draw out the circuit by tracing out all the wiring on the existing board and then having to work out what needed to be changed.

It is easier to get a 220V-120V step down transformer to get the correct voltage necessary."