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The red indicator light continues to flush when being charged

The red indicator light continues to flush when being charged

The battery on my Bose sound link 2 level indicator continues to flash red during charging. I have tried to reset the devise with no luck.

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bert [Entry]

I actually contacted Bose on Twitter @BoseService and they asked me to send it back for repairs after the firmware update didn't work! DM'd them my name, address, phone number, e-mail, and serial number on my Soundlink Mini II. They sent me a prepaid UPS shipping label and said it should be about 3 weeks.
bert [Entry]

"Hi all, I had a similar issue with my Bose Soundlink Mini II speakers and I went in to a couple different Bose stores to ask for a fix. In one of the stores, the lady said they had recently received a lot of queries for this issue with the Soundlink Mini II and suggested DOWNGRADING the software to see if that worked. I did so and to my surprise it worked and so I have not since updated it to the lastest software version. To downgrade the software, plug in the speaker to a computer/laptop and go to the software version page on the Bose website. Then, press:

ADV *up arrow* *down arrow*

all together at the same time. I downgraded mine to version 1.1.3 and it has worked ever since. Hope this works and saves you some cash!"
bert [Entry]

"You should try updating the device firmware here, hope that works

bert [Entry]

"This is a major issue with this product. SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II

Red light flashes. Unit will not power up. Battery in sleep mode - (Lithium undervolt shutdown). Unable to by-pass battery and power up via mains. Unable to link with computer to do the famous firmware upgrade everyone mentions. (My firmware is up to date anyway)

I got lateral and wondered if I could use some generic lithium wake up techniques for batteries in other applications such as drills. Trouble is.... the bloody battery is hard wired onto the motherboard (???????) WTF

When was the last time you saw that? I'm not going to risk the motherboard while messing with the battery.

I've looked all over the web for DIY advice, and the closest thing to an answer has been here, above: 'send it in for service'. Doesn't that just totally fly in the face of this site?"
bert [Entry]

"For many products, a red light means the battery is charging, a green light means it is fully charged and a blinking red light means there is something wrong with the battery - usually it is far below the minimum voltage for an Li battery.

Just replace the battery. It isn’t about the charging circuit on the MB. That is doing its job."