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Tire Pressure Light is on even though the tires don't need air.

Tire Pressure Light is on even though the tires don't need air.

My tire pressure warning light has come on several times on my 2004 RAV4. I've had a mechanic reset it before and check the tire pressure. The tires are fine, but the light ends up coming on again. Could this be an issue with the electrical wiring? I just care because I would like the warning light to actually provide a warning if the tires are low.

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bert [Entry]

"The pressure sensor on the rims is a little electronic box INSIDE of the rim (or sometimes on the valve) that senses the tire pressure. If you had your tires worked on, they could have knocked it, and it might be malfunctioning.

On Toyota applications, the reset procedure is fairly straightforward. Turn the key on (engine off), then press and hold the RESET button until the flashing TPMS warning light goes off. Or, if it is not flashing, hold the RESET button until the light flashes three times. Turn the key off. But the relearn procedure is not complete until the vehicle is driven at 19 mph or faster for at least an hour. During this time, the TPMS system may not be able to detect a low tire, so make sure all the tires have been inflated to the correct pressure before the vehicle leaves.

The sensor looks like this:"
bert [Entry]

For those of you who are wondering where the reset button for the TPM system is on a 2013 RAV4, it took several days and finally a trip to the dealership who were at a loss also for about an hour since the manual was completely wrong. It is located inline with the center of the steering column under the dash in about 2 inches in a little pocket.
bert [Entry]

"The sensors contain batteries that are good for 3-5 years, depending on the units used. This is a nearly universal design element - all makes and models.

Take it to a reputable tire shop to have the batteries replaced."
bert [Entry]

I have 2007 RAV4 and I was puzzled by the same issue- it turned out that the SPARE tire is also connected! So, when I filled up my spare, the light went away. Not sure where the spare tire is located on 2004 model, but i would definitely check that.
bert [Entry]

I have been having this humming noise coming from the front right corner of my car I thought maybe the tire was bad or a bad Bearing now my low tire pressure light has come on and my tire pressure is fine what do you think this is? Could the low pressure censor be picking up resistance from a bad bearing and that is making the humming sound ? It is a 2001 Buick century
bert [Entry]

"OK - I have a 2007 Rav-4 with a solid-on TPMS warning light.

I checked my spare & it was low @ 30 psi. After inflating the spare to 35 psi, it remained the same.

Per this thread, I need to push the TPMS Reset button located under the steering wheel. It's not there. Looking on line, I found a few other suggestions. I looked next to the hood release and in both glove boxes

The TPMS Reset button isn't in any one of those.

I even removed the panel under the steering wheel. No luck.

Any other suggestions?