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Why can I not connect my printer to the network

Why can I not connect my printer to the network

My printer is connected to my computer via cable but i want to connect it to our network

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bert [Entry]


If you are sure that the model number is a Brother MFC 7340 then you’re out of luck as it doesn’t have a network option.

Brother network enabled printers have a N or W at the end of the model number.

You’ll notice on the cover page of the user guide for your model that there is no letter after your model number.

Here’s an image taken from the user guide which shows the network specifications for the models listed in the guide. Yours is not there.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)"
bert [Entry]

"Normally, people get the brother printer not connecting to wifi problem due to the network settings or router settings issue. here are the steps to fix the problem.

Reset the network name and password, and then retry to connect to wifi.Update the printer firmware and try to connect your printer again to the wifi.Turn off the router, and reset the computer and modem, and power them back on and try to connect your printer now.Reset the network settings, and then reconnect your printer to the wifi network.

bert [Entry]

"Have you installed the printer software?

Is it enabled and shows in your computer?

Is the printer wifi enabled?"