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Why will my Roku not connect to the internet?

Why will my Roku not connect to the internet?

The Roku is turned on and displays the Roku banner on your screen, but you cannot connect to the internet.

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bert [Entry]

What good is a Roku XD if it can't connect to the internet? While this can be a frustrating situation, the solution may be simple. You'll first want to ensure that you have an active local internet connection. If you've reset your router and modem and are still having trouble, take a deep breath and relax. The Roku XD troubleshooting page will have you streaming video in no time.
bert [Entry]

"When you receive ‘Unable to connect to wireless network’, you might have some problem with your Wi-Fi or Router. Make sure that you have entered the right credentials (Network Name and Password) and check whether the router is working.

If you have entered the right credentials, check for the Wi-Fi signal strength. If that doesn’t help try restarting the router and the Roku device. If the error still persists, contact the roku.com/link support for technical assistance."
bert [Entry]

Sometimes, your Roku device having some problems to connect with the wireless networks. So you need to connect your Roku player with the home internet as same you connect your mobile device. If your Roku TV Not Connecting With WiFi. Don’t worry, click here to see the complete guide how to fix this issue.
bert [Entry]

"Are you facing the problem with Roku won’t connect to internet. Follow the instruction give below.

1.      Login to your router

Any router has an IP address. And when enter the IP address in the browser, that you would usually type the website. It will go to the router login screen. The default password for your router is usually “password”. And you can changed during installation. Here are a few ways to get your Netflix up and running again in the event that it suddenly stops working.

2.      Navigate to DNS

When you are login the router then go to the DNS settings and change the DNS1 and DNS2 to public DNS address.  Google’s public DNS1 ( and DNS2 ( should do the trick then save the setting. If your router internal DNS rather that public DNS, that's the reason your Roku won’t connect to internet. For more detail visit hightailing link

3.      Reset Your Roku

This usually solves connection related problems on Roku. Turn on your Roku and press the ‘Home key’ on the remote.

4.      Navigate to Advanced Settings

Click on the ‘HOME KEY’ scroll and go to setting and select ‘system’ and finally go to the ‘Advanced setting.

5.      Insert the four digit code

Go to the ‘Advanced setting’ you can look at the list of option. Choose ‘Factory reset’. Click this option and type four digit code will be appear on the screen. Enter the code and click ok. Wait for reset to complete"
bert [Entry]

If you are looking at the Roku Error code 009 that means you device has successfully established connectivity with the router, but it might be not able to access the internet. This is also akin to error code 14. Normally, your device is not find the wireless signal for your preferred network and is displaying error message such as “Roku won’t connect to internet”. Here provide the some information on our guide. Hope this helps
bert [Entry]

"If you need to create a Roku account, then these are the basic requirements:

1. Firm Internet facility for smooth device operation.

2. Data regarding the Credit card.

3. Composite HDMI cables to link the device.

4. A Roku account PIN that makes you feel secure.

5. A link code that is required for the device activation process.

Turn ON the device and the Roku logo will appear on the TV screen and then go on to choose the language for your device. Set the screen resolution and start viewing your favorite shows.

If you are facing issues while activating the Roku device using the Roku code Link , then you will have to refer the Roku support page or checkout our blog."