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Why is my iPod not charging

Why is my iPod not charging

I got an I pod with what I thought was a bad battery so I replaced the battery and it worked perfect until it came time to charge. When I plug it in the I pod has the charge screen and the battery symbol says it's charging but when I disconnect it the battery bar doesn't move. I used it until it died and now it just stays at the screen that says please wait very low battery. Is there a part I can replace or is it just done?

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bert [Entry]

Wesley, it is possible that you do have a bad battery. It is also possible that your dock connector has some issues. Make sure that you have a good cable, that you try a different USB port as well as a wall charger. Clean the dock connector of any dirt, debris like pocket lint, and check for bend broken and corroded pins. The battery connector is finicky and has a tendency of breaking of the logic board, so be careful. If none of that works, you may have a bad power management IC on your logic board. Remove the front of your ipod and on the bottom left, opposite the battery connector, you will find an IC. That is the LTC4066. It is the USB power manager and Li-Ion battery charger. The LTC4066 monitors the battery charge state and temperature. When the battery is charged, it quits supplying power to the battery. Make sure that it is not destroyed. Check for obvious external damage. You can get the data sheet for the IC from here. You could use that to see if that is your problem. Also check on the fuse F1 and use a multimeter to see if you have continuity. Of course the other thing you could do is to replace your logic board which should run anywhere from $45 to higher. Hope this helps, good luck.
bert [Entry]

"HI Oldturkey,

I know this is an old thread but hopefully you are still active.

I have an iPod classic which will not charge the battery or sync.

I have tried 3 known good batteries etc and have also checked the fuse and also replaced the Power IC.

I have checked the battery connector and it seems solid, it is also receiving voltage to the battery connector.

Before I go about replacing the notorious docking port, are there any other Mosfets or Diodes I could check that you can think of? There doesn't seem to be any corrosion on the board and it the ipod itself is in pristine condition

bert [Entry]

"I have a problem with display backlight.It does not turn on at all even tho the display itself is working.

I have testet the display on anther ipod and it works.It turns out that there is a defective coil or ic.Can someone tell me wich components affect the backlight?Thanks"
bert [Entry]

Hi, I know this is a super old thread but people are still rocking these... pun intended... the pod draws 0.01a constant have changed pmic, fuse is good, battery is goodish - not new but was working in another pod, still will only draw 0.01, when I charge the battery pod works fine, has connect to itunes but will sit there over night, just wont charge. Anybody have ideas I can try?