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Why is my mini USB port not powering?

Why is my mini USB port not powering?

Hi, I have a very unique question that I guarantee you will not find anywhere else on the web. I have this device. The actual socket that i plug the micro usb cable into came unglued (or unstuck) from the motherboard. I disassembled the device so that i could try and reconnect it manually to see if i could power the device with an open motherboard and i got no dice. So I have the mother board, the socket for the micro usb cable, and the micro usb cable itself. I am just wondering why i cant get any power to my device. I wish i could add photos but i cant for some reason. Please email me if you would with to assist me further.

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bert [Entry]

"The micro-usb connector is not glued on the motherboard, it is soldered on. Additionally, the traces or pads are probably damaged as well as it sounds like the connector was physically damaged.

Putting it back on manually or gluing it wont work. It has to be soldered on. That is the only way to connect it electrically speaking."