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Micro Usb port for my wireless headset is not working.

Micro Usb port for my wireless headset is not working.
After researching it seems I will have to either repair or replace the micro usb if i have a hope of using the headset again (Turtle Beach Stealth 400). Can anyone help me with this? I have no experience repairing or replacing hardware.


"Hi @ Emma White,

Presumably the battery cannot be charged and this is why the headset doesn't work anymore, is this correct?

You have proved then that the problem is not that the headset battery has failed and needs to be replaced or that the headset's motherboard battery charging circuit is faulty or that the charging cord may be faulty? Have you tried a different appropriate charge cord?

Here’s a link to the ifixit Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Battery Replacement guide.

I realize that it is not your model but perhaps it may be close enough so that you can use it to help you to open your headset

If the USB port appears to be connected to the motherboard OK and is not loose etc and you have tried a different cord, connect the charge cord to a charge source and check if the charge voltage is being applied to the battery by using a Voltmeter. Voltmeter functions is found in a DMM (digital multimeter). Adequate DMM’s are available quite cheaply, <$20 from larger hardware stores or electronics parts stores,"

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