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Why is the re no power at my whirlpool dishwasher model # DU1055xtvs5?

Why is the re no power at my whirlpool dishwasher model # DU1055xtvs5?

the dishwasher just quit and did not complete the drain cycle. Now there is no power at the control panel but circuit breaker is on. Tried the reset method recommended ie heated dry, normal heated dry, normal within 3 seconds and still will not light up. any other thoughts? Can a clogged filter cause the power to go off at the control panel?

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @gbreed

The Bi-Metal fuse shown as part #4 Control panel and latch parts may have blown and will have to be replaced. With the power disconnected from the dishwasher test it with an Ohmmeter to check if it is OK or not

If it is blown there is always a reason why a fuse blows so you may have to check other parts as they may have been the reason that the fuse has blown.

Given that you said that the drain cycle didn’t finish, there may be a problem with the drain pump motor or perhaps the drain pump was jammed somehow which can cause more current (excessive?) to flow through the motor windings. I don’t know if a clogged filter would cause problems with the drain pump. I suppose it might if it completely blocked the water flowing into the sump and the pump was running “dry”. The fuse would’ve blown, hopefully in time to protect the motor.

After replacing the fuse to save blowing the fuse again, before you go to test the dishwasher, test the drain pump motor with an Ohmmeter (power disconnected from the dishwasher) to ensure that the drain pump motor is not short circuit (s/c), (or even open circuit (o/c) - windings burnt out as fuse blew). (You may want to do this before ordering any parts)

I don’t know what the resistance measurement of the motor is, it may be < 20 Ohms for example, but it shouldn’t be 0 Ohms. Measure directly at the pump motor terminals with the wiring harness disconnected. If it is s/c (or o/c) you’ll need a new pump as well.

The drain pump may not have been the cause of the fuse to blow. This is only a guess on my part. Just be aware that after the fuse has been replaced and power is restored to the control panel and if the pump tests OK with an Ohmmeter, that there is still the potential for the fuse to blow again, the reason for which will have to be determined.

The links above were only to show you the part and its’ location. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for DU1055xtvs5 parts to get results for suppliers of the part(s)."