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Amazon Echo PSU / Power Supply Spec

Amazon Echo PSU / Power Supply Spec
Hi could someone advise on the PSU spec i.e. volts/amps and type of DC plug, Reason I ask Im from the UK and have an Echo coming from the US and need to sort out a compatable PSU with UK 3 pin Plug


Heads up about Echo power supply going bad! After 1 1/2 years of enjoying the Amazon Echo, it would no longer connect to the internet; the blue ring would never turn red and then the Echo would shudder and restart the process. I assumed the motherboard went bad but I couldn't find any repair or replacement options. I then bought a new Echo and plugged it into the old power supply. Guess what? The new Echo did the same thing as the old Echo. I then tested the new and old Echo with the new power supply and they both worked! The power supply specs are 15 volts, 1.4 amps.
Hi thanks for the answer but I didn't want the to use the original supplied psu as the height when connected to a 3 pin adaptor would of been to high fo r where I wanted to site the echo hence why I wanted to purchase a stand alone psu,
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