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Boot up after replacing hard drive

Boot up after replacing hard drive

Just replaced hard drive on macbook and get question mark on screen. How do I reboot?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

Hi michael. It sounds like the OS is missing from the hard drive. Is this a new hard drive? If so, you need to reinstall the OS. You should boot the MacBook holding option key down and reinstall your OS.
mcgyver89 [Entry]


As you have replaced the H.D.D you have to install OS in it as well try below steps to re install OS in your MAC.

Insert the install DVD, restart or force restart if you cannot do that otherwise by pressing power button 6 seconds until mac shuts down, then press it normally to start.

Immediately after chime, press option/alt key; wait 3-4 seconds, you should see the boot options, among these the DVD and the internal disk, Select DVD and continue.

Go on booting from the DVD and, after selecting the operating language .

Follow on screen instructions to install OS in your MAC, Finish installation and restart your MAC.

Good Luck."
mcgyver89 [Entry]

hello, i have the same problem, but never apear the operating language selection menu. only appear when i dont have de HDD in my mac.
mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Sounds like you need to reinstall the operating system.

I would turn it on and as soon as it turns on try this:

1. Hold down the Command Key & the “R” key @ the same time. Wait till recovery mode shows up and follow the instructions from there on to install the new OS.

2. Hold Down the Command + Options + R Keys at the same time this is for Internet Recovery mode.

4. Try resetting your PRAM by pressing and holding the Command + Option + P and R keys right as you turn the computer on and wait for the computer to restart on its own and chime once again then let go."