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Buttons on key pad dont wok other than the 30 seond buton

Buttons on key pad dont wok other than the 30 seond buton

30 sec button works but others on panel do not ?



Hopefully the following may be of some help.

Here is a link which shows all the parts of your combo oven/microwave unit.


This link shows an exploded view of the microwave oven. You will notice that there are 6x screws (marked #62) and 2x screws (marked 65) which hold the cover in place. So I guess that you will have to remove the microwave oven to get to these.


Once the cover is removed you will have access to the control panel.

Be aware of the high voltage capacitor. Even though the microwave is disconnected the charge in the capacitor is potentially lethal. At the worst it can kill you, at the least it can give you a nasty shock which may injure you. Do not discharge the capacitor by placing an implement such as a screwdriver or wrench across the terminals.

Here are two links which show the oven control panel overlay. Given that you say that only buttons 1, 4, & 7 are affected I would look for a broken track that connects the 3 buttons. Most keypads work on a cross grid pattern where there are vertical and horizontal rows e.g. 1-2-3 are connected horizontally, as are 4-5-6 etc, and 1-4-7 are vertically connected as are 2-5-8-0. So if you press 4 for example the control knows there is a signal on the 1st vertical row as well as the 2nd horizontal row which intersect ""4"". This system cuts down the number of connections that are needed. Hopefully this explains why I suggest that you look for a broken track. You may also wish to clean the connection pads that the buttons touch, with an eraser, if they look a bit dirty. Do it gently. As with everything in electronics easy does it. You can also use a Qtip moistened with isopropyl alcohol (90%) to clean them as well as the bottom of the buttons. The button have a conducting material coating so that they actually 'bridge' the pads on contact.

If there is no evidence of a break you may just have to buy a new part.



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