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Can I fix the Headphone 3.5mm that only works in Certain positions

Can I fix the Headphone 3.5mm that only works in Certain positions
My Hyper X Cloud 2 Gaming Headset has a 3.5mm plug that only works when the cable is bent in a certain direction implying that the connection has come loose and can only make a connection in a certain direction. It is plugged into the included 7.1 surrond remote but I have confirmed this happens in multiple ports i.e my phone, computer, other phones etc. This creates a situation where 1 ear is always working and the second is flakey. To solve this I have been bending the cable a using a clip to keep it in the sweet spot as best as I can for the longest amount of time (It never holds). The "ideal spot" does change and requires a lot of playing because I guess the cable shifts around not sure.



The cable has probably a fractured wire where it enters the jack plug.

It is better to replace the plug and create a new connection.

Since it is a gaming headset, I'm assuming it has a 4 pin (TRRS) jack plug.

Here is a link to a supplier. It is not a recommendation to use them, it is merely shown to give an idea of the cost and to confirm that this is what you have. You will no doubt find more suitable suppliers


Here is a link to a video which shows how to connect the cable into the plug.


As there are 2 standards as to how the wires are connected, (see image below) you may have to use an Ohmmeter to determine the correct connections. The best way to do this is to cut the cable at least 2 inches from the jack plug, strip off the sheath back to the jack plug to expose the wires, strip a bit of the insulation from each of the wires and then using the Ohmmeter, check between the jack plug connector and each wire to ascertain where it goes. Write down the colour of the wire and to which pin it is connected to, then you will know how to connect them into the new jack plug. You may find that there are two earth wires (possibly), 1 for the speakers and 1 for the microphone. Therefore they will both go on the appropriate earth pin for your connection type.

Suitable Ohmmeters (function found in a DMM - Digital Multimeter) can be purchased from larger hardware stores for about $10

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help."

My kids have a Hyper X Cloud Core (KHX-HSCC-BK) gaming headset they use on PS4. One too many pulls on the cord instead of the plug rendered the right ear and microphone dead. I knew the break was near the plug because you could wiggle the cable and get intermittent sound in the right ear. Knowing this, I bought a replacement 3.5mm TRRS plug (4-pole...Right, Left, Ground, Microphone) online to make the repair.
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