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Can only use delicate cycle

Can only use delicate cycle

No other functions work. Lights do not come on. Works fine with delicate only.


"Selector switch

If your washer has a selector switch on the control panel, make sure the button for your selection is pressed all the way in, or set properly.

Drive motor

Many washing machines have multiple-speed drive motors. Though it's uncommon, the drive motor may work fine on one speed but not on another. If the drive motor has failed on one speed, you need to replace the entire motor."

"Thanks so much for the great help! The Ted fix led me in the right direction. My machine was doing exactly as described. I took the lid off and checked the ribbon cable. It was attached in the back properly already. I followed it to where it connected to FRONT. It went into a small rabbit hole so I poked around in it with my finger. I tried to take the front cover off (worried the whole time that I was going to damage it...) after a few unsuccessful attempts I just pushed it back into place, plugged it in and voila, all of the buttons worked.

So if anyone is trying the Ted fix and is unsuccessful try this before you screw the lid back on.

Thank you again!"

"The Ted fix worked for me as well.

For me, the symptoms are:

1. when I select ""normal"" cycle, it will switch to ""heavy""

2. when I select ""ultra handwash"" cycle, it will switch to ""whites""

For me, the key things are:

unplug the power firstIt is the ""grey"" ribbon that connects from the front of the washer to the left side of the circuit board in the back of the washer.Gently unclip the ribbon from the left side and re-attach it.I also try ""Lisa"" poke in the front hole where the ribbon goes into.

After the reattachment of the ribbon, I can select all wash cycles."

I also have this problem however my ccu went bad with the dr fault and f11 fault so bought another ccu and I'm getting only the delicate mode the red fix won't work anything else?

"My GE would also work delicate mode

Unplugged ribbon

Seems be working now"

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