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change time setting on dryer

change time setting on dryer

I need to increase the time on my drying cycle from 41 minutes to 59. How do I do this?



According to the user guide (see attached link, scroll to p.22 -23) you can either adjust the time for timed preset cycle settings by pressing the More time button until the desired time is reached or if you are using the Auto Dry Cycles there are three settings. 1= Factory default times, 2 = Factory time + 15% 3 = Factory time + 30%

(Example the time for Auto Dry Preset Time for Normal load is 1 = 40 minutes 2 = 46 minutes 3 = 52 minutes).

Changing the Auto DryPreset Times affects ALL the load type options from Delicates through to Heavy Duty by the same percentage (%).

To change the Auto Dry preset dryness level setting

1.The Dryness Level settings cannot be changed while the dryer is running.

2.Press and hold the DRYNESS LEVEL button for 5 seconds. The dryer will beep, and “CF” will be displayed for 1 second followed by the current drying setting.

3.To select a new drying setting, press the DRYNESS LEVEL button again until the desired drying setting is shown. NOTE: While cycling through the settings, the current setting will not flash, but the other settings will flash.

4.Press START to save the drying setting


Hopefully this is of some help."

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