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Dryer stops working after 1st load

Dryer stops working after 1st load

After first load is dry Kenmore Elite dryer model 79669272000 Dryer stops working unless you leave the dryer unused for several hours. If you attempt to dry your 2nd load after you finish the first, dryer runs for few seconds and stops although the timer seems to be running. Checked lint and duct to be sure not plugged. Needs to be reset??



I wasn't going to mention the following if there was a fault code. Perhaps it may be a faulty dryer high limit safety thermostat, (scroll down to find it with a description of its' function).


Bit confusing. The parts list for your model shows that 3 x high limit safety thermostats are installed, (scroll through the link below to find all three, #s F130, F140, K560). If you click on the full size link under the diagram, you can find their location.

Maybe you should contact the help number (also in the link below at the bottom of the page) to ascertain which one would be the more likely to cause the problem and if there is a way to test them, if indeed that is what it is that is causing your problem


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