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Dryer won't stay hot

Dryer won't stay hot

I have a Sears Kenmore 80 Series Gas Dryer (Model 110.72822101) that dries only when it feels like it. Since it's over 25 years old, it doesn't owe me a thing. However, I think it's probably something simple to fix. I watched through the hole in the front, and this is what happens: 10 secs after I push Start, the igniter glows for about 10 secs and then the flame catches. It burns for about 7-8 mins and goes out. I continued to watch for about 5 mins, and every 45 secs the igniter would glow but the flame wouldn't catch. I've left it running for about 15 mins and checked it every few minutes... same thing. It doesn't matter if I have it set on Auto Moisture Sensing or Timed Drying. I Googled the "symptoms" and several videos came up. Apparently, my problem may be 1) No gas reaching the dryer (clearly this isn't it since it ignited for 7-8 mins); 2) gas valve assembly; 3) gas valve coil; 4) clogged orifice. When I let the dryer cool and then try again, the flame usually catches. Any ideas?


"As you have described this problem it is most likely the igniter (the thing that glows). That is what provides the resistance to provide the current for the coils to open in your gas valve. When they break down they will still glow but the heat lowers their resistance and therefore the current they provide the coils. If it is bad a visual inspection will show that a great deal of it is dull. It should have ""sparkles"" throughout the entirety of it. If it is not dull your problem is in the 2 coils for the gas valve. Many places will try to sell you the entire valve. Don't buy that. You only need the coils/solenoids. This is a $25 or less repair if you do the work. This era of Kenmore was manufactured by Whirlpool. Here is the gist of the tear down procedure (It has been the same from 1959 - ?). If you find it is not the igniter or coils the problem will be in the timer. Last I remember they were about $100, but that has been a few years ago.

TOP 3 Likely Causes

1) Bad igniter

2) Weak gas valve coils


"I dont agree with ABCellers, in my experience if the ignitor is bad the dryer wont heat AT ALL. And if it heats for the first or first and second attempt and then just doesnt catch the flame, its the heating coils every time.

Thank you, Frank."

Without a doubt it is #3, the gas valve coils. Replace those and you will be up and rinning. You will need a phillips and a 5/16" screwdriver. If your phillips is so long where you must remove the drum, please note how the belt is hooked around the pulley and practice taking it off and putting it back on before removing the drum.

Weak Igniters may cause oven failure but on gas dryers, Igniters usually work, or they don't. I had to test the "Accepted answers" theory though. I called to locate an igniter and the man asked me (who i new use to work at GE when they were still in fresno on blackstone) "What makes you think its the igniter"? I told him the 7 minutes it warmed up then would not heat until I restarted, and i looked on the internet for probable causes. He told me the igniters work or they don't, which sounded right to me, as I've worked on many, and he told me to replace the coils. I replaced the igniter, for my own ("proof") with no changes. Then I replaced the coils and it worked like a charm. Oh, By the way, he also told me to not believe what you read on the Internet!!! Present comment excepted!!! My words

Same problem with ours... not igniting the flame, just a glow then nothing, then another minute later,just a glow, then nothing. I hate washers and dryers. Mostly, I hate being on a cement basement floor with the dust and lint and cramped space and taking everything apart, testing it (with an ohms meter), doing a thorough cleaning with a shop vac, dropping little screws, finding the right size socket, knocking things over, and cutting my hands and arms on the sheet metal. Then I test it and see that the ignitor catches the flame and I think "BINGO" it is fixed. Then, getting everything back together on the dryer, trying to reattach the venting pipes, and wrestling the beast back into place, put all the tools away, clean up the area, plug it back in, throw clothes from the washer, into the dryer, turn that sucker on AND... just a glow, then nothing, just a glow, then nothing... All this in the evening after a wonderful 10 hour day at work. As I mentioned before... I HATE WASHERS AND DRYERS!

Many, many thanks for this information. After reading ABCellars's post and many others, I decided to buy an igniter and the coils (about $17 and $10 respectively on Amazon). I installed the coils first and had the same problem. It lit when cool, then stopped working, even though the igniter glowed. Once I removed the igniter, I could tell exactly what he meant by "lost its sparkles." I installed the new igniter and the problem was solved. Thanks, again ABCellars

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