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Won't stay hot enough to dry clothes?

Won't stay hot enough to dry clothes?

Sears Kenmore electric dryer model 417.82042101 starts fine, tumbles good, starts to heat-up but not hot enough to get clothes dry?


Both of the above answers are good. The third thing to check is that both the breakers and both heating elements are working. Your dryer uses two 110 volt circuits. Your breaker may be off on one side or the heating element may be burned out on one side thus only giving you 1/2 normal heating.

"2 things make a dryer dry - heat and air flow. Usually if it is getting hot at all the problem is air flow. Try undoing the air duct from the dryer and giving it a try to see if the air flow is not being restricted in some manner. Also clean your lent filter to ensure good air flow. Please let us know the results.

Since you stated it is heating, some, if the problem is not air flow it is a faulty wire or it's connection, faulty heating element, bad temperature sensor, bad centrifugal switch, bad timer, or bad terminal block. Th e easiest way to determine the source and of the problem will be with a multimeter and measuring the voltage. Do you have access to one of these, a friend that has one and/or can use one?"

teresa, there are a few possibilities. First of a blocked vent could prevent the hot air from leaving the drum. run a load without the vent (clean it as well while you have it disconnected). If you can place a thermometer at the outlet. You should get around 140-150 degrees. If the dryer does not get over ~ 125deg something is cutting the heat off, possibly a cycling thermostat or safety thermostat. Check your heating element and make sure it is not grounded causing it to overheat and setting of the thermostat. I attached a few images from here that might help you out. Check the thermistor....:-) almost forgot, make sure that your outlet is working properly since you do have two circuits in your dryer. It does need the 220v for the drying....

"Hey all thanks so much for your responses..:)

Well seems some how the vent going to the outside of house from dryer was in fact plugged up no way could this object could go thru my dryer and out the vent!!..I have no idea how this object got shoved up in the vent but it was there blocking the air flow.

So i believe that is what was causing the dryer to not heat-up or stay hot?

So you all are correct in stating check the vents and make sure they are not blocked!..I am really lucky this didnt cause a fire!

So far the dryer is now heating normal so hoping this was what the problem was an all is ok?

Again that you so much for your responses..:)


when i put dry cloth to kill bedbugs it wont dry the whole hour cause the sensor senses its dry already

"well well well guess why my dryer wasnt working ????

it some how wasn't LEVEL after 5 years of use !

I re leveled it and it works GREAT !"

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