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Has anyone done a teardown of the apple iPod dock connector?

Has anyone done a teardown of the apple iPod dock connector?
After many plug/unplug of the connector while traveling it is now coming apart and not able to provide charge, picture is attached to review, thanks for all the community help.


"I took one of these apart yesterday, and this is what I got.

There doesn't appear to be one, but you can make one yourself and we can all benefit.
its in essence a USB cord. they cost like 5 dollers. a teardown would most likely be a waste of time. im sorry for sounding rude. but its a cable with two different commections. take off the white plastic on the connectors and under them is the rest of the plug and its connected to wire cable, under the protective plastic of the cable is... copper or nickle wire. i recommend tape. or a new one.
I would find this useful because I currently have a MA591G USB dock connector cable that appears to be not working at the moment.
@oldturkey03 I saw that link while googling for ways to troubleshoot the USB dock connector/cable, but even knowing the pin outs, how you isolate which wire is faulty on the cable? Would I need a working cable? Then would I take a continuity reading from each of the 30 pins or cross reference against the link stated above to see if all the pins are performing the way they should?

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