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Heat element is really HOT

Heat element is really HOT

Hi I have a Maytag electric dryer 240 volt, dryer is working but not heating clothes. The HEAT element on dryer is really hot, what else could be wrong?



we will need the complete model number for your dryer. Since you are saying that the heating element is “really hot “ but does not dry your clothes, you need to start checking the blower. It needs to work to blow the hot air into the drum. Without it the heat will not be circulated. The other thing to check is if your drum turns. If your clothes do not tumble it will not get properly dried. Let us know what you find.

Update (12/02/2018)

@heyyou6941 yes, you can replace it. Usually you just need a few basic hand tools and some instructions. These MDE2400AY should work for you and will also give you more details about the troubleshooting etc."

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