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How do I figure out which parts need to be replaced

How do I figure out which parts need to be replaced

I’m having a problem where my television powers on, shows the startup logo, and then shuts off. It continuously does this until I unplug it. How do i figure out what needs replaced?


"blt54321  you will have to remove the back of your Tv and see if there are any components on the power board that look damged (domed, leaking caps etc.) Post some good pictures with your question so we can see what you see. This could be a power noard, main board error but also a firmware issue. Checking on firmware upgrades for you right now. The turning off is usually casued by the power board since it cannot “communicate” with the main boad etc. We would need to see your board and the connectors closely. Vizio is not DIY friendly and schematics etc. are very difficult (if at all) to come by. We’ll realy on you for more information etc., to assist you with this

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