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How permanently stop GE microwave beeping?

How permanently stop GE microwave beeping?

I just had a JVM3160DF4WW GE microwave oven installed. To my horror, there appears to be no simple way to turn off all blasted beeping forever.


"Unplug unit from the outlet for at least 1 minute then plug it back in. This should reset the microwave and the time will need reset afterwards.

This failing, and it is under warranty, throw the breaker for now to stop it and call whomever you bought it from for repair or replacement.


How to Turn Off a Microwave Sound on a GE

Press the ""Beeper Volume"" button, located on the microwave's control panel.Press the 0 to 3 buttons to choose the loudness setting. ...Press the ""Start/Pause"" button to save your settings.Method #2To mute your microwave, start by checking the control panel. Look closely. The mute function may be labeled as a secondary function of one of the standard buttons. Check these things first:Often, pressing and holding 1, 0, Stop or Cancel will either result in turning off the beeping sounds or activating a child lock feature. (Child lock doesn't actually lock the door, but instead locks the control panel so no buttons can be pressed until the lock is removed by holding the button for around three seconds again.)If none of these work, it's probably best to consult the manual. Even if you don't have a Sound button, there is no Mute function denoted as a secondary function or holding a button doesn't do anything, there is still a chance a mute function exists. It could be a button combination or, like on some microwaves, be buried in a submenu that's not at all obvious how to activate.If you've tossed the owner's manual to your microwave, check the manufacturer's website. They will often provide a digital version of the manual as a PDF for more recent models. For an older model, you may need to do some digging, but a great start is to just do a Google search for ""[microwave brand and model number] manual."""

Holding 0 for 3 seconds until you hear a double beep worked for me!!! How can these sounds feel so annoying :).

"GE JVM3162

GE JNM3163

(might work for others)

Sound On/Off

Press and hold “0” for 3 seconds to switch the sound on or off. Fault beep signals cannot be turned off"

"Hi @Jessica Lara,

You may be out of luck

According to the user manual for the oven, on p.16 it states:

Cooking Complete Reminder: To remind you that you have food in the oven, the oven will beep once a minute until you either open the door or press PAUSE/CLEAR.

There is no option to disable this feature, mentioned in the manual.

You may either have to physically disable the speaker in the oven, which you said that you didn’t want to do or convince your husband to stay within earshot of the oven until it has finished operating."

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